Guns in bars = guns in bathrooms = guns lost in bathrooms

Now that you can carry a concealed weapon without a permit in Arizona — and indeed carry a gun practicaly anywhere in the state without restriction — how long until this happens:

JUNEAU, Alaska — A 24-year-old Juneau woman went into a public restroom packing heat and left burned. The Juneau Police Department reports Veronica Valle-Arnes was carrying a Ruger .380 — a small pocket pistol — worth about $400 with her Friday night.

She told police she took the gun out of her waistband and set it on top of a toilet paper dispenser in the women’s room at the Fisherman’s Wharf, a building on Juneau’s downtown waterfront with a bar, eateries and shops.

She told police she forgot to pick it back up. When she realized it was missing a few moments later, she returned to the restroom but the gun was gone.

The Associated Press

Just by coincidence, Alaska is one of the other two states, including Vermont, that Arizona has joined in not requiring a permit for carrying a concealed weapon.

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